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The Kay-Flowers Consultancy has been set up to promote the use of a school/youth setting pack written by Gez Kay-Flowers, who has recently retired from teaching after a 35 year career as a classroom teacher, pastoral and safeguarding lead, Deputy Headteacher and Head of School. He has developed a pack of resources based upon the book written by his wife, Dr Susan Kay-Flowers, entitled 'Childhood Experiences of Parental Separation', published by Policy Press, 2019. The book is an innovative piece of research, which captures the unfiltered voices of young people as they look back at their experiences of parental separation. The power of their voice underpins both the book and the pack. In its current form, the pack could be used by secondary aged children and young adults, or older children in primary schools.

Using quotations and the findings of Dr Kay-Flowers' book, the aim of the pack is to support young people undergoing similar experiences by putting into their hands the words of other young people, in a supportive, semi-structured environment. The pack is easily-afforded, can be used one-to-one or in small groups and contains everything needed to set up and run the group. This includes audits of existing support, links to DfE and Ofsted advice, letter to parents and a fully-resourced, six week programme, with minute by minute, step by step instructions for the group leader. Each week, a series of discussions and tasks lead the young people through exercises designed to help them to build their resilience and enable them to cope with their situation more confidently. The young person has a log-book to follow and ongoing support. The resources can be followed in detail, or can be adapted to suit the group. Once they have purchased the pack, the setting is entitled to print as many copies as needed and to amend as they see fit, within their own setting.

At the heart of the course is 'The Wheel', adapted from the framework presented in Dr Kay-Flowers' book and professionally produced. Each Pack contains ten copies so that each member of the group can reflect upon their feelings at the start, middle and end of the course, to see if they feel their ability to cope with their circumstances has improved. Dr Kay-Flowers' research demonstrates that, with the right support, most young people go on to 'accommodate' the separation of their parents well. It is hoped that the six week programme will help other young people to realise that, to access support around them more effectively and to develop their own coping skills and strategies. Evaluation material enables the group leader to provide impact evidence of support for the young people at this critical time in their development. The website provides ongoing support from the author of the pack if required and other CPD is available.

Hopefully the pack can be of use to you in your work with young people. Please feel free to complete an enquiry form to receive samples and further explanation of the resources.

Coping with Separation and Divorce

A resource pack for use with young people

The materials in this pack have been designed to help young people to build resilience in dealing with a variety of circumstances, including divorce, working patterns, imprisonment and working in the forces.

The pack will help you to support young people dealing with these issues and your support for them will be invaluable at this time in their lives.

It gives the young person the:

  • Opportunity to reflect and explore issues which are causing them concern
  • Opportunity to develop skills and techniques to support them in their situation
  • Opportunity to develop confidence to deal with their changing circumstances
  • Opportunity to meet with other young people in a safe, supportive and semi-structured setting

For the teacher/group leader, this pack:

  • Can be picked up and used immediately
  • Can be followed minute by minute with minimal preparation but significant impact
  • Is easily afforded
  • Is tailored to the needs of the group
  • Provides a complete guide- everything you need to set up and run the group

    The pack includes:

  • A rationale
  • A copy of the book
  • Step by step instructions
  • Draft letter to parents
  • DfE links
  • Audits of support
  • Young person's log-book
  • Evaluation and impact materials
  • Optional training
  • Online support

Dr Susan Kay-Flowers, Policy Press (2019)

Adapted from the framework presented in - 'Childhood Experiences of Separation and Divorce'

Written by Gez Kay-Flowers, with 35 years experience of teaching, pastoral work and school leadership

Designed to be a cost-effective easy to use pack which provides pupils with a six week, semi-structured course in a small group, led by a teacher/group leader

The complete resource pack costs £175 and includes:

UK postage, all materials, photocopying rights for school and a copy of Sue Kay-Flowers book worth £24.99

  • Additional, optional, introductory training session (approx. 2 hours) - £100 + travel
  • Further, optional, delivery of all six sessions by author of the Pack - Gez Kay-Flowers - £270 + travel and expenses (dependent upon distance)
  • Please contact gez@kayflowersconsultancy.co.uk for payment details by invoice

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